Growth Hacking for Startups

An actionable guide to data driven developmentDec 9th update: The intro materials are out, and I’ll be publishing the Acquisition chapter soon!Leave me your email to receive new chapters via email.


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A lesson learnt the hard wayThe personal story that motivated this book
What is Growth HackingHow incremental improvements can double your revenue
How to use this bookA practical guide to growth hacking


Getting Started

The least you can doThe 4 hour experiment that could transform your company
Types of analysisReporting, funnels, cohorts, oh my!
Actions you can takeInterpreting metrics for subscription businesses, e-commerce, etc.
Understand your potentialReference performance values for companies in your industry
The AARRR funnelDivide and conquer performance in your customer funnel


Acquisition visitors(Coming soon)Activation from visitor to user(Coming soon)Retention keep the user coming(Coming soon)Referral bring your friends(Coming soon)Revenue turn users into customers(Coming soon)Testing methodologies
AB testingThe fool-proof, guess-free way to improve performance
User testingWhen you need more than just numbers


Dealing with real users

The support loopSupport, feedback and ideas
The sales loopLeads, opportunities, sales and renewals
The marketing loopVisitors, leads and qualification

The data-driven startup
CashProfitability, monthly burn and the Startup Death Clock
Actionable KPIsTarget growth and focusing on what matters
Functional teamsOrganize your teams to focus on growth and retention


Tools you can use

Build vs buySave time and money by using existing optimization software
Identifying usersIntegrating tools with your own business data
DashboardsA bird’s eye view of your company
Spreadsheet templatesExcel templates you can use for your reporting.