Improving Website Search Engine Rankings


As a matter of fact, each online marketer is digging the internet in the hope to find the best way for improving website search engine ranking. In this context, it is nice to know what factors that positively affect your search engine traffic.


What are the main important factors to consider in terms of search engine optimization (SEO)?

In the beginning, inserting your primary keyword in the title tag is not a nice to have, but it is a must. Adding to this, one should consider other factors like anchor text of inbound links, number of outbound links, age of sites link to you, and site’s internal link structure.


What would be the optimal starting point?

Taking the page rank in consideration, there is no doubt that getting back links from article directories wit a high page rank, e.g., is essential. Adding to this, it has been proved that social bookmarking websites play a significant role in improving website search engine ranking.

In this article, I will focus on social bookmarking sites due to their high benefits. In addition, this traffic generation technique is free of charge that fits newbie who work on a limited budget.


What is the missing information that newbie usually do not know?

Indeed, bookmarking your website will drive targeted traffic and new visitors to it. Here, newbie are usually not informed that social bookmarking sites assign a better position to websites bookmarked by various users.

In this context, if you offer internet surfers high quality articles, then they will be motivated to bookmark your website. And as a result, your website will be flooded with free traffic.

What should you be careful of?

However, be careful of any search engine ranking software that automates this process via creating virtual users. Additionally, stay away from all these software packages that promise you website’s popularity in few days. Indeed, almost all of them work on spamming these social sites by posting 100 comments a day with a back link to your site or blog.


What is the #1 factor that determines your site’s position among social sites?

As a matter of fact, timing is the king. Specifically, an article that got 25 votes within the first 15 minutes will ultimately raise faster than articles that got 25 votes in two days time. Therefore, it is your duty now to enrich your sites with killer content and informative articles. This will automatically drive your readers to vote for your web pages.

What is the killer mistake of almost all newbie?

If you are really interested in getting a high search engine ranking, then you must stay the hell away from opening multiple accounts to vote for yourself.  Have you ever been informed that social sites are aware of this trick? Indeed, they work against this by using intelligent SEO ranking software that can determine whether these votes are real or not.


What are the risks involved in this process?

If you work and proceed this way to improve page rank, it will only damage your reputation instead of increasing your link popularity. Briefly, only legal ways will offer you a long-term top search engine ranking.

However, here is a legal way rather than trying to cheat pages ranking algorithms. Indeed, it is fine to tell your friends about your new post and ask them to read and vote. If you have good communication with a lot of members and a nice profile with many followers, it will benefit you a lot.

This kind of marketing is called “mouth-to-mouth-marketing” and it is legal. This is actually the best way to promote your blogs through social bookmarking as your friends will also tell their friends, and so on.


What is the #1 benefit of this strategy in terms of improving website search engine ranking?

There is no doubt that social bookmarking is an efficient and cost effective tool in order to get increasing web traffic to your site.  Furthermore, your visitors are a targeted traffic as people will click the link to your site because they are curious to know more.


What are the best social bookmarking sites?

Indeed, there are tens of high reputable sites available on the internet. However, the top 5 sites are,,,, and It is worthwhile to remember that you should read the guidelines of each one of these websites. This way, you will avoid getting your lens or account banned.


What is my last tip for you?

There are other methods to increase link popularity and improve page rank, e.g. bum marketing, posting comments on do-follow forums, etc. Hence, it is always nice to keep your knowledge up-to-date. Adding to this, it has been seen that a sole marketing strategy does not lead to fruitful results like combing 2 or more strategies.

Besides, you should not overlook that winning high rankings starts with submitting your site to search engines. In this context, getting a free URL submission service should be on your to-do list. And now, you should have got the main idea of this article that improving website search engine ranking goes hand-in-hand with social bookmarking.

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